Audi Performance Modifications

The right performance upgrades can enhance even the most finely engineered factory tuned car’s ability to develop greater power. Audis are known for being sporty, with decent performance levels. They can be upgraded easily, as various aftermarket kits are readily available for purchase. Some upgrades that are taking customization to a whole new level, includes ECU, engine, exhaust, fuel injector, suspension and turbo.

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ECU Upgrades

The primary function of an ECU or Engine Control Unit is to monitor the amount of air / fuel mixture reaching the engine block through the injector, hence, checking fuel efficiency, performance and environment friendliness. Custom ECUs are an integral part of any aftermarket modification, as it administers required amounts of fuel to your engine block. Aftermarket ECUs are readily available for every Audi variant currently for sale, although you need to look harder, while searching for older models.

Engine Upgrades

Engine upgrades are equally popular, while street racers usually look for bigger blocks that cater to their power supply demands. Check for an engine’s supply requirements while upgrading, as larger engine blocks usually require more fuel / air mixture, which is not possible for your stock fuel injector to supply, even though your ECU might permit. If not, you need to upgrade both with suitable aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket Exhaust

Contrary to popular beliefs, your Audi’s exhaust system has not been installed solely to make the car sound better. It has a very important role to play in the engine’s combustion policy. Exhaust ratio plays havoc, if you plan on getting a turbo charger installed. Hence, choose a full kit free flow exhaust for best results. There are numerous options to choose from, hence, check for a compatible setup, before purchasing.

Fuel Injection Kit

Next up, a fuel injection kit! An engine’s ability to generate power and torque is directly proportional to the amount and quality of fuel you put in. You cannot expect your big block V8 to churn out high power, while using stock ECU and fuel injector on your Audi. This would also put immense stress on the piston cylinders and head, which could crack up due to excess pressure and lack of proper lubrication. This is where an aftermarket fuel injection system comes in performance-02

Custom Race Suspension

Your Audi’s performance is not solely dependent on power generation and distribution. It has a lot to do with aerodynamics too. You get aftermarket body kits to enhance airflow around the vehicle, although we will not talk about exterior modifications in this article. However, we will discuss ways to enhance aerodynamics, by upgrading your vehicles’ stock suspension system. Look for an aftermarket kit that reduces ride height and lowers Center of Gravity, which in turn keeps your Audi on the ground, even during sharp corners, at speed.

Turbo Charger

Audi has built in superchargers on various performance variants, although people want more! If you belong to that category, you could be looking at upgrading, using an aftermarket turbo charger. Even though their basic principles are the same, a turbo charger pumps up fresh air with additional force, with the help of exhaust fumes, towards the engine block, to create additional air flow.